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Lady Viv

Lady Vivienne (Henshaw-MacBrayne) the first, was born to this World on 10th May 2021.

Her official reign began on 5th July, the day of her mighty Coronation, and the day her loyal servant, Cairine Ann MacBrayne, birthed her.

Christian Anthony James Henshaw was officiated during this day and given the prestigious title of ‘Man in waiting’. Sometimes referred to as ‘the other one’ or ‘The Page of the Backstairs’.

It has been argued that Lady Vivienne deserves her own website but due to her international celebrity lifestyle, her busy pampering schedule and her local photo shoot engagements at ‘doggie daycare’, it has been decided to keep her fan traffic to a minimum.

Lady Vivienne holds many titles and trophies. Most notably - ‘The Prettiest Girl That Ever Did Live’ and ‘The Most Precious of Precious’.

Her favourite phrases are:

‘Yes Ma’am’
‘Tummy tickles?’

For pawtographs or public engagement bookings please contact her Personal Assistant, Cairine, on our contact page.

You may follow Vivienne on her official Instagram page: @all_about_vivienne

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