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The Full Story

Cairine Ann MacBrayne (Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer, Influencer, Content Creator, Editor, Musician, Singer, Mime, Personal Assistant, Dog Mother, Unemployed) has become one of the most highly rated and internationally acclaimed Performers to EVER come out of Dunstable (next to Luton). This does not include Faye Tozer from pop group Steps or Mick Abrahams, founding member of Rock group, Jethro Tull.

Cairine would have rubbed shoulders with VERY famous Hollywood Actor of the Silent Film era, Gary Cooper, also from Dunstable, had he not died 20 years before she was born. Cairine & Gary BOTH attended Dunstable Grammar School, recently demolished to make space for a 113 modern flat development.

You will no-doubt know Cairine from the notable corporate training film, ‘HR is more than just HR’ and the prestigious short film, ‘How to Fund a Short Film’.

When not living in East London, Ibiza or LA, Cairine resides in her childhood bedroom at home.

“Carpe Diem” - Cairine MacBrayne

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